Why Successful Urban Planners Invest in a Case Backhoe

Urban planners wear a number of hats, and work with a number of departments to ensure projects are completed within scope, on budget, and within deadlines. And at the core of doing all of these successfully is a fleet of construction machinery. Heavy construction machinery is what enables project completion, controls costs, and helps fleet managers and workers stay within the deadline. This is why investing in construction machinery with a Case backhoe as the star piece of heavy equipment is a move made by the most successful urban planners in the industry. This article is intended to help city planners and fleet managers learn why a Case backhoe is extremely valuable, cost-saving, and the best investment you can make for hitting all of your goals.  

Why Case? The Answer is Pure Innovation

As a consumer you have a number of choices when it comes to the brand of backhoe you buy. But if you are looking for a real investment and not just a purchase, Case is the way to go in the world of backhoes and other pieces of construction machinery because they are actual innovators. Case designed the world’s first backhoe in the mid 40s for a water utility company in Massachusetts. Their client came to them with unique needs; they needed a piece of construction machinery that could perform multiple tasks, and serve numerous purposes, without having to invest in 3 separate machines. Case did their research, discovered this was a common need in mixed industries from farming to home building, and from urban planning to landscaping, so they stepped up as a pioneering force in their industry and engineered the world’s first backhoe. With this in mind, would you rather invest in a Case backhoe, or in a brand that copied their original concept?

A Case Backhoe Offers the Best Technicians, 24/7

Urban development tasks can run all night long, and sometimes road debris can get sucked into engines or mechanisms that require immediate repairs and rentals to keep the project on schedule for completion. This means you need well-trained mechanics that are available 24/7. Savvy Urban planners invest in the Case backhoe often for these two reasons alone: (1) Case construction machinery dealerships are open 24/7 to perform any repairs, and to provide urban planners with rentals until their backhoe is restored to new working conditions, and (2) Case has the best trained techs in the industry. Any person who repairs or maintains your Case backhoe will be a certified Master Technician. This is a prestigious title meaning the person has been extensively trained to ONLY work on Case construction equipment and no other brand, and they have passed grueling tests to earn the highly-coveted title.  In fact, one reason why a Case backhoe has a leading lifetime value isn’t just because of its superior engineering, but because well-trained Master Technicians keep these machines running in new condition for years to come with regularly scheduled maintenance.