What is 3D Mapping and How is it Used in Stage Design?

If you are a concert touring manager, or a brand manager responsible for a main event special product launch, multimedia technology and a team of 3D mapping artists will be your greatest ally. In order to convey the story behind a performing artist, fashion show, product launch, or in any other special event, the audience must connect with the message in a way that resonates and keeps them hooked. This is why multimedia production companies specializing in 3D mapping are widely sought after; they are able to work with organizations to create unforgettable main events and concerts that will leave audiences talking for years.

What is 3D Mapping?

First, 3D mapping is known by a few different names that include projection mapping and augmented reality technology. All in all, 3D mapping is a technology that projects media content and imagery onto a three-dimensional surface as opposed to a two-dimensional one.

Who Uses 3D Mapping?

3D mapping is used by a large cross-section of groups that include multimedia design artists, advertisers, filmmakers, entertainment headliners, organizations, brands, and anybody that wants to use creative storytelling methods through a modern medium. Multimedia artists add dimension, depth and motion to otherwise static objects like statues, buildings, stages and even landscapes.

Popular 3D Mapping Techniques

There are a number of popular 3D mapping techniques used in today’s most mesmerizing stage designs. Converting CAD and GIS is one such vehicle. This is where spatial data goes through a digitalization process created in a GIS setting and converted to CAD data, and vice versa. This can then be engineered in Autodesk materials.

Drone mapping is another technique that enables 3D mapping to play creative roles into innovative stage design. The best 3D mapping companies use drones and UAVs to survey targeted mapping surfaces. The idea is to orchestrate high-quality models that can be mapped out for 3D projection surfaces. In order for this technique to run, the right drone mapping software must be set in place. There are multiple drone mapping software products out there on the market. However, in certain cases 3D mapping companies will develop their own software solutions with custom touches that may or may not be designed to integrate with existing technologies.

Photogrammerty and 3D Mapping

Photogrammerty is the science of turning photographs into detailed 3D drawings, maps, and models. This is when measurements from these mediums are taken often with a focus on defining exact surface points and positions. Surprisingly, this technology dates back to the middle of the 19th century. The distance between two points on a parallel line aimed at the imaging plans was determined by measuring distance and scale. Today, modern methods of photogrammerty are used in 3D mapping multimedia art to add vibrant life to staged events.