Landing Page for the Elderly Care Sector

Incorporating landing pages on websites dedicated to older adults’ care is a strategy incorporated within this sector. Mainly because this tool becomes a perfect ally to increase the number of guests who live in an assisted living Mexico and increase the growth of this type of place. Well, it is essential that there is a wide knowledge in the creation of landing pages to avoid making mistakes that compromise the service offered by these sites.

Exaggerating the number of questions in the form

One of the most common mistakes made when creating these strategies involves many questions within the form section. Remember that the people who visit or look for these types of services that are the care of older adults are the family members, so it is intended that the sites and landing pages are more focused on convincing the caregivers than the older adult himself.

It is not recommended that the landing pages be composed of many questions because the main objective that this method seeks to achieve is only to obtain data from the user who desires the service. This is the first phase to get potential guests; later on, other strategies are already being developed to convince the interested parties.

Therefore, when involving too many questions, the value is lost, weakening the conversion funnel stage. Similarly, a form that consists of many questions will be tiresome for the user, causing him to leave the website.

Focus on more on finding a conversion

In order for a landing page to be successful, it needs to be focused on only one offer, that is, that all the conversion is done under one path, mainly because having many types of conversions within a landing can be quite confusing for people. In short, the strategy must be created with only one objective.

Another thing to take into consideration is the links. It is essential that, when creating this method, there are no links that take the user out of the site because this will only generate that he does not fill out the form, thus losing the objective of its elaboration.

Promising something that is not

People choose to fill out the form because of what they will receive after completing the activity, so the nursing home or resident’s home should not offer false hope. It is necessary to explain to the interested parties what they can receive by completing the information, depending on the offer being made. Always remember to be as transparent as possible.

Do not incorporate base elements

Every landing page must have certain elements; one of the main ones is the call to action. As this is not present, there will not be something to call the visitors; therefore, not adding one will not capture people’s attention, and there will not be a prospect.

Not being optimized for search engines

One of the most common mistakes and most harmful for this practice is not optimizing the landing according to the web positioning stipulations, mainly because it is intended to use specific techniques to create a more effective landing page with the knowledge of this marketing strategy. Without SEO actions, such as keyword searches, there will be no clear definition, and the conversions will be lower.