How to Find the Best IMG Agency to Gain Career-Advancing US Clinical Experience

If you are an international medical student seeking the US clinical experience, then clearly you want to be placed in an ideal hospital, in the right program, and have the best time gaining US clinical experience. But this requires tons of research, and can take months to get all your ducks in a row, which is precisely why medical students partner with a top IMG agency to have US clinical experience so they can go on to have a prosperous career in medicine. But with so many IMG agencies out there, how can you tell who genuinely has your best interest at heart, and who simply wants to take your money and pass you through some automated system? That said, this article is intended to help students learn how to identify a reputable IMG agency they can trust. 

Does the IMG Agency have Real Reviews from Past Customers on their Website?

The first thing you should do is check IMG agency websites. The absolute best ones that you can trust will have reviews either on their homepage, or there will be a page in their navigation system that takes you to reviews. Sometimes you will see reviews left my people who reveal their first name and only the first initial of their last name. This is fine, so long as the IMG agency also has video testimonials that show full transparency when it comes to past clients. If the IMG agency doesn’t have video testimonials and only has partially hidden names, be wary, as you can’t take such a company too seriously. After all, delighted students would have no problem giving a transparent testimonial and review for their IMG agency. 

How does the IMG Agency Communicate?

When you communicate with IMG agencies, how human are they? Do you get emails from a real person that speaks directly to you, or do you get automated generic templates sent to you? Mind you that some reputable IMG agencies will use marketing automation to attract good clients just like you, but if they only use this method, even in answering questions, then keep looking!

Also, how easy is it to phone the IMG agency? Do they expect you to call long distance to an American-based number? Not many families can afford all these international phone calls. Or does the IMG agency understand this and instead provide a WhatsAp and Viber number that won’t cost you anything? When an IMG agency goes out of their way to make the little things like making a phone call easier, you can rest assured these ethics will carry out in all they do. 

Does the IMG Agency Listen to All Your Needs?

When speaking with an IMG agency, it is important to get a sense for how well they listen to your needs, and how they try to accommodate them in every way from housing to rotations, and from placing you in the right hospital, to finding the right supervising physician. You will only have the best US clinical experience if IMG agencies work to help you achieve all of your goals, and place you in the best situation to get your letter of recommendation form the hospital, while ensuring the experience is comfortable and valuable.