How a Wall Charging Station Adds Value to Libraries, Schools and Retail Spaces

As Americans we work, play and live with the aid of technology. And in most cases the devices of choice are cell phones and tablets. Compact yet powerful, they keep us organized from managing school assignments to work tasks, and shopping lists and social functions. But the more we live on our phones, the quicker the battery dies and puts us in a state of frenzy to go home or find a place where we can recharge. This is why libraries, schools, shopping centers, and other facilities are finding value in contacting wall charging station companies that offer a variety of commercial phone charging options best tailored to individual spaces.

This article is intended to help library directors, principals, retail managers and other personnel discover the value a wall mounted charging station can bring to any space where people are abundant and likely to use phones and portable electronic devices.

Cell Phone Wall Charging Stations for Schools

Cell phones can be a royal pain in the butt for teachers who are trying to conduct class, but they are also necessary tools for students to use in their daily organization and to be reachable by family in the event of an emergency. When it comes to wall mounted charging stations for schools, these units provide solutions to multiple problems.

If every classroom is equipped with a wall charging station with multiple ports, students will have a reason to switch off their devices and leave them in the back charging thus keeping their focus front and center on the lecture or in their textbooks. Additionally, students and parents alike will have that added sense of relief knowing there are places at school for phones to stay charges so loved ones can be reached in the event of any emergency. Cell phone wall charging stations are also ideal for faculty; put one in the faculty lounge and your staff will certainly appreciate the added benefit.

Many students take notes on tablets and even do their school work on them, so having a wall mounted charging station that accommodates all portable devices is ideal. And if you plan to keep these in an open space with high foot traffic, consider cell phone charging lockers as a safe, secure alternative.

Cell Phone Wall Charging Stations for Libraries

Many of the same needs people face in schools when it comes to keeping their phones and tablets charged also applies to libraries. Remember that a library provides a public service, so having a wall mounted charging station for cell phones and tablets would be an ideal feature to any public or university library. Many people get annoyed when others are engaged on their cell phones in a library where a certain etiquette is expected, but often overlooks. A wall charging station for cel phones, or a cell phone charging locker will remove the device form the users hands while conveniently charging it and giving everyone else around them greater peace of mind.

Cell Phone Wall Charging Stations for Shopping Centers and Retail Stores

Clearly, the longer someone stays in a retail space, the more likely they are to spend more money. This is why cell phone wall charging stations and cell phone charging lockers are being sought after by malls, retail chains and boutique retail shops all over the country: if people have a reason to stay in the store (charging your phone is a big reason) their only option for passing time is to browse the shelves and this is when people pay more attention to detail and feel a need to spend money as a form of entertainment or therapy.

Contact a commercial cell phone charging station company today, and find the perfect solution for your customers, students and guests.