Communication And Marketing Will Create More Jobs

The growing need to include a person who manages communication and social networks leads to the creation of more than 70,000 jobs in two years, according to a study.

The position of head of communities has ceased to be a fad to become a necessity that both large companies and small dentists in Tijuana like Baja Dent need to have a better customer service and increase their sales. So much so that even the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, launched a selection process to recruit a community manager for 63,500 euros a year and 33 days of vacation. In the case of Spain, salaries are not as high and tend to hang around a range of between 900 and 1,500 euros per month.

The figure of the community manager is an increasingly necessary profile for any company and its functions, from the operational point of view, are critical within the organization. In addition, the community manager is the voice of the company in social networks, since it must give a personal and human touch to the profile in systems and escape, as much as possible, from artificial archetypes.

They are in charge of responding to questions and comments instantaneously in order to retain and attract potential customers for the company and keep those who already have. And one of the most important things that should never be done is to impose your opinions or state of mind on the brand it represents.

Being the image of the company is a delicate and vital task, says the source, because users are informed through social networks and the opinions of other users. Therefore, knowing how to manage criticism and flattery and show a transparent and trustworthy brand is the task of the community manager.

Also, good digital habits have been used to do with using digital technology to first understand your consumers better, where they spend their time, what moves them, and second, to get them really creative communication there. Bad habits come from an approach based on cost and efficiency, and compromise the safety, visibility and accessibility of the brand. Getting rid of those habits is critical, because it ultimately boils down to a credibility issue. It is using technology to create great experiences for people.