Buying Solar Panels: How Many do I need to Power my Home?

There are many factors that can affect the number of solar panels you’ll need for your home in order to fully power it. From the direction of your home to the sunlight and power usage, make sure you’re fully aware of how many solar panels you need to buy.

Here is everything you need to know when buying solar panels to power your home.

When Buying Solar Panels, How Many Do You Need to Power Your Home?

Investing in solar panels for your home is a fruitful endeavor that can bring a lot of benefits to your home from reducing your carbon footprint to lowering your monthly electric bill. One big question many people have when buying solar panels is deciding how many are necessary for their home.

While the number does depend on the size of your house (and the amount of energy you use), on average, you’ll need around 16-24 solar panels to produce the right wattage to fully power your home. When buying solar panels, make sure to consult with an expert to ensure you get the right amount.


Factors That Impact How Many Solar Panels You Need

When buying and placing your solar panels, there are many factors to consider that could have an impact on your energy production and your costs.

The direction of your home (east/west or north/south) will affect the hours of sunlight that the panels receive every day and therefore has a big impact on how much power they can produce. Also, the shade around your home and the amount of power you consume can each affect how many panels you’ll need to invest in in order to properly power your home. Be sure to take all these factors into account when attempting to calculate at home. 


How Will Buying More Solar Panels Affect Your Payments?

The number of solar panels you purchase can affect the rate at which you can pay them off by increasing the amount of the costs (the panels and the other equipment). The more you buy, obviously, the more you’ll have to pay off over time. 

These days, a typical solar panel can run up to $75 each, but the most expensive part tends to be the components (wires, mounts, converters, etc.) which can easily reach into the thousands. The more panels you need to buy, the more components you need in order for them to work effectively. 

Other factors such as shade, angle of the sun, and size of your home can affect your payments by increasing the amount of energy you need to produce and reducing the amount you can sell back to the electric companies. 

If you’re also heating your water with solar power, that will also increase the amount of power you need.

If you’re worried about buying too little or too many solar panels or are curious about the costs involved, contact us today. An expert member of our team will gladly talk you through the process and help you calculate the right number of solar panels for your home.